Hi, We are Syrius Group.

We create solutions that allow to obtain competitive advantage in the digital world. We believe a well thought and well developed project can change the corporate image and build long term benefits.

Transparent showcases
Your product tells its own story!
An absolute breakthrough in the digital signage! It works as unconventional storefront especially in malls and stores. The display box is an enclosed showcase fronted by a clear glass surface that can display multimedia content in front of items placed inside the unit. Digital content is seamlessly integrated with physical items, creating a completely new way to engage viewers, promote products and provide information in a wide variety of settings. In that way it is now possible to tell the story of a product that stands behind the transparent LCD screen and it is always visible. This revolutionizes the traditional way of advertising! See more!
Mobile Apps with Bluetooth Low Energy
A lighthouse for Your customers!
Imagine if Your smartphone made us smarter. Who doesn’t want to find the best deal on that shop? What if You are in a museum and You get all the info you need while You walk by that painting? Imagine You could tailor your environment to Your preferences as You move around. Why do You just imagine? All of this is possible and the answer is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is Your lighthouse. Wherever You are, You will get contextual information You need and when it is needed.

Multitouch Applications
Technology at Your fingertips!
Every single move matters in Your Business. Thanks to Multitouch applications You can present an interactive and full of emotions world to Your Customers. Arouse interest, delight and surprise! Multitouch allows to, thanks to gestures and touches, zoom, rotate, and pan on your pictures, videos, marketing materials, product manuals, 3D models and many more. This technology is available as interactive displays and Multitouch tables. Make use of Mutlitouch applications in the Business world such as exhibitions, events, digital signage and corporate presentation.
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