Project Management: SyriusGroup
Motion Design: Karol Podlesny
Art Direction / Curator:  prof. Sławomir Fijał‚kowski (ASP)
Jewelry artists (displayed directly on presentation)
Fragments of animation on transparent screens.
Topics of exhibition were split into five categories: Nature, Craft, Precious, Design, Innovation. Each category has its own screen.
Grids were used to position jewelry and content in a proper place. Blue and orange stand for sea and amber.
Color palette plays also an important role because of the technical parameters of the transparent display.
Black color hides the content behind the transparent display. Using this trick we were able to display additional information divided in chapters.
To separate parts of animation we used different motion graphics. Circular transition works as preloader for the next chapter.
Preview of other motion assets used within the presentation: intro + outro. Patterns and symbols play an important role.
For example waves symbolize Baltic sea where amber is collected.
 "Pumba" RIng by S&A 
1) Rabbit by P. Kuś, 2) Ring with inclusion, 3) Pen by Amber REX, 4) Bracelet by M. Zaremski
S&A Ring 
1) The Ring by M. Rżanek, 2) The Ring by P. Kaczyński, 3) Pendant by D. Homma, 4) The Patera by M. Drapikowski
Bracelet by M. Zaremski
Thank you.
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