Project: Web design visual for Concept Jewelry ("Concept" is a brand name itself).
The idea was to create website which will emphasize the beauty of jewelry products. Proposed layout is combination of opposite scrolling navigation and fullscreen photos. Website work also as a storyteller, it tells about the company and how the product is made. Typography is a mix of Brandon Grotesque (headings) and Sanchez Extra Light (body font) with 19/29px leading. I wanted to express that way the delicate quality of products with staying on the opposite the scrupulous, hard process of making the jewelry craft itself. Other things worth second look: kind of magnetic navigation dots which changes while scrolling, the use of mobile friendly off-canvas menu and the well-known UX tips as a tooltips and animated symbol of mouse wheel. Don't forget to see the attached short video presentation which is below the screenshot (transitions included). 

design / motion: Karol Podlesny
project manager: Alessandro Reina (
jewelry craft / drawings: Marcin Wesolowski
Transitions / User Experience in motion. HD version to download:
Thank you. 
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