An appeal attorney in Atlanta can significantly improve your chances of winning an appeal, especially if you have additional evidence to support your cause or argument. An appeal attorney will be able to present new evidence to the court or discuss weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that might not have been noticed by a regular attorney. If you have recently been convicted of a crime and would like to appeal your sentence, contact an appeal attorney in Atlanta today. Here are some reasons why you should hire one as soon as possible, Read more.

They have insider connections

When you or a loved one is sentenced to prison, you are thrust into a whole new world – one that you likely know nothing about. That’s why it’s important to have someone on your side who knows the ropes and can help you navigate through the process. With an appeal attorney on your side, there’s less chance for miscommunication and confusion, which means less stress for everyone involved.

Appealing can save you time and money

Many people are initially resistant to appealing their convictions. They may not be aware that the convicted only have one month from the day they are sentenced to start the appeals process, which starts with filing a notice of intent to file an appeal with their trial court. Appeals are extremely valuable because they will likely shorten the amount of time incarcerated and if successful may reduce or even overturn a sentence, depending on the circumstances.

Appeals are statistically more likely to succeed

Statistics show that appeals are more likely to succeed, with a 90% success rate and a 10% average cost. In comparison, there is only a 10-30% chance of reversal on appeal at trial with the average cost up to $250,000. As you can see, getting help from an experienced attorney from the beginning might be worth the investment.

Appeals never involve admitting guilt

The goal of an appeal attorney is to challenge a lower court’s ruling. This isn’t about saying that the lower court judge made mistakes that happen all the time. In appeals, you are allowed to argue that the law was wrongly applied, or put another way, that there was some sort of error committed during the trial that needs to be corrected. You can also point out that important information may have been withheld from the jury. You will not be required to admit guilt and if successful, it could lead to a new trial being granted on your behalf.

They have a better chance of success than self-representation

If you or someone close to you has been found guilty in a trial and are looking for legal counsel, hiring a lawyer will help improve the likelihood of success. This is because many lawyers understand the law inside and out, which gives them a better chance of winning when trying to appeal. The problem with self-representation is that only the defendant understands what is going on with their case and cannot possibly be fully aware of all the laws surrounding it.


If you’re facing eviction or foreclosure, take immediate action and don’t be intimidated by legal proceedings. A good lawyer knows how to advocate for clients and will help you understand your rights as a tenant or homeowner. To get started, contact an appeal attorney today. They’ll be able to advise you on your specific case and offer tips that could help your appeal succeed.