What to Do If Your Lost or Stolen Green Card Has Been Spent Abroad? If your card has been stolen or lost abroad, you can immediately file for a replacement by notifying your local police department and contacting the nearest U.S. Embassy. You can also file Form I-90 right away if you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen. After naturalization, your green card will no longer need to be renewed.

You can file a complaint with USCIS and get a replacement within four to five months. It will depend on the details of the case and the workload at the USCIS office in your area. If your green card has been stolen or lost, you should immediately notify local police and get a copy of the police report to be filed with USCIS. Do not forget to fill out a Form I-90 to report your lost or stolen green card.

Losing your green card is a serious problem because you cannot prove that you are a lawful permanent resident. You may be deported or face fines and jail time. You need to file a Form I-90 to request a replacement. However, if you are not able to file for a replacement immediately, you can obtain an I-551 stamp on your passport, which will serve as your official verification for one year.

If your green card is lost or stolen, you should file a claim for a replacement. The process can take eight to ten months, depending on the severity of your situation. The government may require you to prove your status in the interim while you wait for your new green card to be issued. There is no guarantee that the replacement will be approved, however. Nonetheless, if you do file a complaint, you must be prepared to pay a fee and face a long wait for the replacement to take place.

To get a replacement, you can fill out a form to request a new naturalization certificate. This form is not refundable, so make sure you consult a lawyer or immigration attorney before completing the process. Make sure to complete your application in full, as the government may ask you to provide more information or evidence. Also, remember that the processing time may take up to 18 months, so make sure you are prepared before the application deadline.

If your green card has been stolen, you should immediately contact the USCIS. You must be prepared to provide your green card renewal application in a timely manner. You must also be sure that you did not abandon your legal residence while you are abroad. You may end up being found inadmissible if your green card is stolen or lost. The green card is not a replacement for a passport – it’s the document that proves your residency status.