From the sounds of it, hard-hitting criminals are probably locked up in the Atlanta City Detention Center. The truth is it is much more than what it seems.

Atlanta City Detention Center is home to people who get arrested by the police for violating city ordinances. It is believed that you can teach some people a good lesson the hard way by putting them there. The problem is violent criminals are not the ones that is put here but rather those who commit petty offences such as loitering and littering. Some understand the fact that poor people get detained there so they won’t live wherever they choose to do so. The bad news is most of these poor people can’t afford to pay bail so they have no choice but to get stuck there and just wait to get released. Don’t be surprised if they have a new attitude when they get out. Since the pandemic started, Atlanta’s crime rate has gone up and the police seem to be focused on getting low-level violators arrested and put at the detention centre. They should be focusing their efforts on the true criminals which is why the cops get bashed online a lot especially when there is video footage of them doing the wrong thing.

Those who read this should be people who currently live in Atlanta or planning to live there. If you get slapped for a low-level offence in Atlanta then you will most likely get sent to the Atlanta City Detention Center. The amount of time you will spend there will depend on the violation that you committed. Hence, better do the proper amount of research before you decide to live in Atlanta so you won’t commit mistakes. Like what some people realized, a simple mistake can land you at the detention centre that could end with a huge fine. If you are just starting your stay in Atlanta then that is something you can’t afford to happen.

One good example of the Atlanta City Detention Center would be any school’s detention centre. It is the same place where students must go if they do something punishable like going late to class or even wearing the wrong school attire. It is done to let that student learn his or her lesson so the kid won’t commit the same offence in the future. After all, if you don’t do anything about it then these violators will just keep on doing the wrong things. Unfortunately, it will affect innocent people and they will become a nuisance to society. It is common for offenders to also pay a fine aside from getting locked up at the detention centre.

To know more about the Atlanta City Detention Center then you can head over to their website. It has answers to the questions you have meaning to ask about it. Surely, some people sought to protest the existence of this place but it is up to the government with regards to what they plan to do about it.